Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excerpt from The Boss' Secret

Hey everyone!  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't quite finished with Grace and Anthony.  Their story had been hanging around, bugging the crap out of me, and insisting that I let it run its course.  So here's a glimpse at the second installment in the series (Callahan's Secretary).  Hope you enjoy this super steamy snippet.  It's available at Amazon for only $0.99 or free if you have Amazon Prime.  

“I have a business to run, Beatty.  There’s no time for chit chat.  Can I see you in my office, Ms. Marcum?”
“Certainly, Mr. Callahan,” Grace replied evenly.  “Excuse me, Mr. Beatty.”
Leaving the other man mumbling to himself as he exited the office, Grace followed Anthony into his office.  Outwardly, she appeared calm, but inside she was fuming.  She could not believe how he was behaving.  Closing the door behind her, she whirled on him immediately, only to be greeted by his face mere inches from hers.  Before she could even utter a protest, his lips were on hers, forcefully, as he pressed her against the door.  His hands tugged at her hair, tilting her head back to ravage her mouth.  She was gasping for breath, fighting to hold onto her anger in the midst of the sensual onslaught.  It was impossible.  Even though the kiss was punishing, a reflection of his temper more than his lust, she was helpless in the face of it.  Eagerly, she kissed him back, lifting one leg to wrap around his waist.  
Grace moved her hips against him, feeling the hard ridge of his cock against her.  After the first time, they had decided it was too risky to engage in that type of behavior in the office, especially during office hours.  But at that moment, Grace could think of nothing but having him inside her, feeling his hot, hard length sliding into her.  When he put his hands beneath her hips, lifting her and pinning her to the door, so that his erection pressed against the bare mound of her sex, she moaned against his mouth and clasped her hands around his neck.  
The kiss broke finally, his lips dragging away from hers, only to settle into the hollow of her neck.  His teeth scraped against that sensitive skin and she shivered.  “Anthony, I need you!”
“Not Beatty?”
She smiled at him, “No one but you.  Please!”  When she felt his fingers sliding over the damp lips of pussy, gently stroking the cleft, she closed her eyes on a groan.  “Yes!”
“It drives me insane,” he said, his voice a hot whisper against her neck.  “I can’t stand seeing other men look at you.  I hate not being able to tell the world you’re mine!”
“I know... But what would people say?  I’m your secretary!  It’s every bad cliche in the book!” she protested.  It was hard to think of all her very good reasons while he was doing such delicious things with his mouth and his hands.
“It’s bullshit, Grace.  Nobody’s opinion matters but ours.”
“I don’t want to fight,” she said, stroking his face gently, trailing her fingers along the roughened skin of his jaw. 
“Then what do you want?” he asked.  
Reaching between them, she deftly loosened his belt and then unfastened his pants.  “I want you.”
Anthony was lost.  He wanted to demand that she drop the secrecy, he wanted to push her on why she felt it was such a terrible idea.  But with the wet heat of her welcoming sex pressed against him, framed by the midnight silk of the garter belt and stockings he’d bought for her, it was too much temptation.  He pressed his cock against the damp cleft of her pussy, moving against her until those soft lips parted and her heat surrounded him.  He groaned deeply, savoring the silken glide of his cock between the honeyed walls of her sex.  There was nothing else that compared to that feeling.  It was perfection.  
“Tell me you’re mine,” he demanded.  
“I’m yours, Anthony... only yours,” she said, her voice little more than a breathless moan.  
He thrust into her again, driving so deeply that it was impossible to tell where her body ended and his began.  The inner muscles of her sex clenched around him, increasing the delicious friction with every advance and retreat of his cock.  No woman had ever gotten to him the way Grace had.  The unrequited lust from before he’d found her naughty little journal was nothing in comparison to the insatiable need that he felt for her after having her.  “Fuck, Grace!  You drive me crazy.”
She smiled at him then, and then she began to whisper, her breath hot against his ear, and the most deliciously wicked things falling from her beautifully shaped lips.    “You feel so good inside me.  Your thick cock filling me up... Feel how wet I am for you, how much I want you!” He knew she was only doing it to drive him crazy, and it worked.
Reaching between their joined bodies, Anthony touched the swollen bud of her clit, trapping it between two fingers.  With every thrust, the pressure on that sensitive bundle increased, and she was soon gasping for breath, unable to do anything more than moan incoherently.  He felt the first flutters of her orgasm, the walls of her sex clenching rhythmically around him.  Gritting his teeth, he fought the urge to simply lose himself in her.  When the last of the contractions receded, he withdrew from her, instantly regretting the loss of her warmth.  
“You didn’t... Why did you stop?” she asked.  
“I need your mouth, Grace,” he whispered.  “I want to see your beautiful lips closing around my cock.”

Friday, January 4, 2013

What Keeps a Naughty Girl Busy....

Hey guys!  I have been a naughty, naughty blogger.  Haven't posted in a while, but I have been writing up a storm.  In the last few months, I've managed to finish the sequel to my first foray into erotica, Dragon's Lair.

Dragon's Lair 2:  The Summoning is available on Amazon,  at www.cobblestone-press.com, www.barnesandnoble.com and www.allromance.com.    Here is a sneak peak of the cover art!

Check it out and see what Remy, Lilly and Philippe have been up to!

That isn't all I have been up to!

I also just self published a new novella on Amazon KDP, Snow Bound Enemies.  You can check out the cover art by the fabulous Leanore Elliott and an excerpt below!   

“You’re trying my patience, Kayleigh.  I don’t know how long we’re going to be stuck here together and you getting sick isn’t an option.  Now, strip and get into that tub, or I’ll put you in it clothes and all!”
Angry, not just at him and his orders, but at the situation itself and at the mess that had brought her there, Kayleigh yelled back at him.  “Fine!  You want me to strip then I’ll strip.”  With a hard yank she pulled her jacket open, sending buttons flying everywhere.  The silk blouse beneath it came next, again the buttons skittering across the tiled floor.  She shrugged out of both garments, letting them fall to the floor.  She couldn’t rip the skirt, she knew, but she unzipped it and let it drop to the ground until she stood there in only her bra and panties and the garter belt and stockings that she preferred.  Pantyhose had always been a misery to her, and the ultra feminine stockings and garters made her feel sexy and beautiful, no matter how sedate her outward appearance was.  
Breathing hard from anger, her face flushed and her lashes still damp with tears, she glared at him.  “Happy now?”  She was unprepared for his response.  He shoved her against the wall, his body pressing against hers intimately.  His mouth was on hers instantly--hard, unyielding, claiming, but oh so skillful.  It wasn’t a kiss so much as a vanquishing.  Her hands were above her head, pinned there by one of his larger hands.  His other hand cupped her chin, tilting her head up, giving him greater access to her mouth.  The kiss deepened even further.  His tongue swept between her lips, gliding sensuously over hers.  
Every subtle movement, every slight shift of his mouth over hers was both delight and torment.  It took her back to Steven and Dawn’s wedding, and that kiss under the mistletoe.  That had been the first moment in her life where she’d truly felt passion.  Prior to that, kissing and even sex, had been just something she could take or leave.  It was nice when it happened, but it wasn’t a focus in her life.  Then Patrick Murphy had settled his lips over hers in a ballroom crowded with friends and family and had literally set her world on fire.  Now he was doing it again, in the darkened bathroom of his home, while she was helpless and practically naked in his arms, her temper once again leading her down an unexpected path.  
Kayleigh fought back the whimper of protest when his lips finally broke from hers.  He stepped back and it was all she could do not to arch into him, into the strength and heat that his body offered.  She knew that he wasn’t unaffected.  She’d felt the delicious bulge of his impressive erection against her.  His ragged breathing and heated gaze only further proved the point.  
“Get in the tub.  Get warmed up and changed.  You have fifteen minutes,” he said and stormed out.  
Kayleigh watched him go, and after a moment, shook herself out of the lust and anger fueled stupor to do as he said.  

In addition to all this writing, I managed to finish graduate school (go me!!!), bake about fifteen billion holiday cookies and make more candy than I ever want to contemplate again!  Check out the new work and tell me what you think.  I love hearing from you guys!