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Excerpt from WIP----ADULT CONTENT!

Okay this is a scene from my upcoming release, as yet untitled.  This scene is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY....  Very Mature!

Cass arranged herself on the bed, lying on her side with her head propped on her elbow.  The pose accentuated the deep curve at her waist and the flare of her hips.  She didn’t pull the covers up in spite of the chill of the air conditioned room.  He had wanted her naked and she intended to give him precisely what he asked for.  It was only a few minutes after that she heard the door open downstairs.  Her breath hitched in her lungs.  The sound of his footfalls on the stairs echoed the pounding of her heart.  When he stopped in the open doorway, his suit jacket had been discarded and his shirt sleeves rolled back, exposing tanned forearms lightly dusted with crisp, dark hair.  The tie he’d worn earlier, the one that he had used to bind her wrists and to torment her most sensitive flesh, was dangling from his fingertips in blatant challenge.  
He raised an eyebrow at her.  “I didn’t expect you to be obedient.”
“I can be with the right incentive,” she replied cheekily.  
“So if I want you to do what I say, I only need to promise to fuck you senseless?”  The question was posed as he strolled to the bed with a seemingly casual grace.  But Cass knew the power in his body, the strength that he held.  There was nothing casual about him.  The affable boy scout persona that he had adopted for the rest of the world had been peeled away just for her.  Reed was secretly dark and dangerous.  
Cass shivered with anticipation.  “Yes.”
“Get on your knees and face the headboard,” he said, his voice roughened with desire.  
Cass did as he said, tilting her hips back so that her bottom was high in the air.  The soft hum of approval from him was all the reward she needed in that moment.  She didn’t protest when he once again slid the silk tie around her wrist and fed the other end of the fabric through a discreet slot in the headboard.  When her hands were securely bound, he grasped her hips and dragged her down the bed, until her face and breasts were pressed to the mattress and her arms were outstretched in front of her.  
“You have no idea how beautiful you look,” he said.  “I’ve dreamed of having you here in this bed, bound exactly this way... your body offered up to me to take any way I see fit.”
The words were little more than a whisper but they lit a fire in her.  Her clit pulsed as if he’d touched her.  Her nipples hardened where they pressed into the bed.  “Please, Reed!  I need to feel you inside me!”
The hard swat on her ass prompted a startled cry.  Another stinging blow was landed to the other cheek.  “Spread your legs for me,” he demanded.  
Cass shifted her knees further apart on the bed.  But Reed still didn’t bury his cock inside her.  Instead, his hand drifted over her dew slicked mound, touching the plump, pink folds reverently until he encountered the hardened bud of her clit.  A few gentle strokes of his fingers and the little nub was even more swollen.  Cass gasped when he closed his finger and thumb tightly over her clit.  It wasn’t painful, but the sensation was so intense, so unlike anything she’d ever experienced before she began to shudder in response instantly.  Immediately her sheath began to contract, rhythmic spasms as her clit fluttered and pulsed helplessly, trapped in his unrelenting grip.  He didn’t let go for the longest time, not until he’d rung every drop of pleasure from her.  Her body ached in the aftermath.  Her clit throbbed mercilessly and the walls of her pussy felt swollen and sensitive.  
The bed dipped behind her and she felt Reed’s thighs against her own.  He gripped her hips and pulled her back so that she straddled his thighs, his erection pressing against her hot core.  She ached to have him inside her.  “Please, I need you.”
Reed smiled as he heard the desperate edge to her voice.  “I’ve given you orgasms... over and over today.  Isn’t that enough?”
“No,” she said.  “I want to feel you inside me.”
Grasping his cock, Reed guided it to her entrance.  With a small nudge, he slid the head of his cock into her tight sheath.  The heat of her body was scalding, the tight clench of her flesh on his was bliss.  She moaned in response as he pushed forward, sinking deeply into her welcoming heat.  Her cunt gripped him like a fist, the muscles clenching rhythmically around him.  He had to grit his teeth to keep from coming right there.  
“You’re so fucking tight,” he said, withdrawing slightly only to sink in again, slow and deep.  He pressed his hips forward, rocking into her, until she couldn’t take anymore.  His balls were pressed against her slit, rubbing against her clit with each thrust.  
“Fuck me harder,” she said.  
Reed gripped her hips, his fingers digging into the flesh.  There would be marks later.  He relished the thought of it, of looking at her body and seeing the evidence of his claim.  Rising up over her, he pressed her arms deeper into the mattress, angling her bottom up toward him.  He moved again, withdrawing from her, and then slammed his cock into her.  Over and over again, he withdrew only to pound his hard flesh into her yielding channel.  Her body gripped him, clutching at his shaft, caressing him with each stroke of his cock into her.  His balls slapped against the swollen lips of her cunt as he pounded into her.  He listened to her soft cries as they grew louder and more insistent.  Cass trembled against him, her thighs shaking as she accepted each brutal thrust.  He was so close.  His balls drew tight and he could feel the familiar tension building at the base of his spine.  
“Come for me, Cass,” he demanded, driving so deeply inside her that he literally saw stars.  
Cass screamed his name as the sweet tension broke through her.  Her pussy fluttered, quivering around his hard cock as wave after wave of pleasure crashed inside her.  The release was so intense she sobbed, tears blurring her vision.  Still pinned beneath him, his weight pressing her arms into the mattress, impaled on his cock, she was helpless to do anything but ride that wave of pleasure to its end.  She felt his hips jerk against her, once twice, and then the heat of his cum scorched her as spurt after spurt jetted deep inside her.  Every twitch, every hot spurt inside her triggered an answering pulse in her sensitive flesh.  
Cass felt him sag against her, his breath coming raggedly and his heart pounding at her back  Their bodies were both slick with sweat.  She felt him withdraw from her and roll to his side.  She was so tender, so sensitive after all that they had done that she was both relieved and bereft at the same time.  A sigh of relief escaped her as he reached over and began to untie the loops at her wrist.  When she was free, she rolled onto her back.  Her body felt achy and used, but she’d never been so sated in her life.  It had been amazing before, but now that she knew what Reed had been holding back, she understood exactly how much restraint he had shown the first few times they had been together.  A shiver washed over her as she thought about what other things she had yet to discover about him. 

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Hybrid's Love --Excerpt

Chapter One

Wren Marlowe placed the basket of freshly rolled silverware onto the shelf by the door directly below the vinyl coated menus she had wiped down.  A total of five customers had wandered into the old truck stop that night, leaving her with a whopping fourteen dollars in her pocket in tips.  At least the small trailer that she lived in behind the diner was rent free.  Grimly, she took the bottle of spray cleaner and a towel and began to clean the ancient vinyl booths, cracks and all.  She couldn’t explain the restlessness that plagued her, but it was there nonetheless.  There was an impending sense of doom, but she knew better than to speak of it.  She had learned the hard way to keep her thoughts, her predictions, to herself.    
As Wren cleaned the booths along the front wall of the diner, she could look out onto the parking lot through the grimy windows.  He appeared out of nowhere.  One minute there was nothing but an empty parking lot and a deserted stretch of highway.  The next, he was striding across the pavement, his long limbs eating up the distance.  His stride was confident, purposeful, and aggressive.  Predatory, she thought.  In spite of that, she found herself watching him, appreciating the powerful play of muscles beneath his clothes.  Her breath hitched in her chest and her heart raced, blood rushing through her veins.  
As he approached, the blinking neon sign that announced their 24 hour service cast harsh shadows over his face.  It was both beautiful and frightening.  Hard, chiseled features and slashing dark brows were offset by lips that curved sensually.  Images assailed her, flitting through her mind, both shocking and erotic.  She could see them clearly, his body covering hers, her thighs parting to welcome him.  She could almost feel the weight of him on top of her, the exquisite fullness of his cock moving inside her.  Other images came, a flood of them, mirroring the rush of warmth, of liquid heat that now flooded her thighs.  Her knees quaked, and her breathing was ragged.  
When he entered the room, he filled the space.  His presence was overwhelming, powerful and frightening.  She noted that his hair was damp, though it had not begun to rain yet.  They were miles from anywhere, and there were no vehicles nearby.  She felt it then, a deep certainty that blossomed within her.  He was not what he appeared.  Instantly and with little provocation, she was intensely afraid of him.  She was also terrified of her response to him, of the spark of lust that had erupted into wildfire within her.  No man had ever affected her so, and he had done so without even touching her.  Instinctively, she backed away.  
“Wren Marlowe,” he said in a deep, slightly gruff voice, “You must come with me.”  His voice caressed her skin, warm and rough, it raised goose bumps on her flesh.  Her nipples puckered, hardening inside the padded cups of her bra.  Desperate to hold onto some semblance of good sense, she seized the most disturbing piece of information from his short greeting.  He knew her name.  
“No,” she replied, “I mustn’t.”  He might be beautiful and his body might make her mouth water, but she didn’t know him from Adam.  She wasn’t going anywhere with him.  
The sensual line of his lips firmed and he stepped toward her.  His movements were slow and deliberate, much like someone approaching a strange and frightened animal.  Without any real weapon and his large body blocking her only escape route, Wren dropped the dirty towel to the floor, and hurled the bottle of spray cleaner still clutched in her hand.  She aimed it directly for his head.  He ducked to the side, and it glanced off his shoulder.  It slowed him down not at all and he continued moving toward her, his face a grim mask of determination.  
Wren braced herself, clenching her fists tightly at her sides.  She didn’t know what his intentions were, but she wasn’t going to give in without a fight.  He reached for her, and she lashed out, knocking his hand away.  She lunged to the right, squeezing past him.  He spun quickly, grabbing her from behind.  His powerful arms closed around her upper body, pinioning her arms to her sides.  The lush curves of her behind rested in the cradle of his hips, and she could feel the hard ridge of his aroused cock.  She fought the urge to press back against him, to feel his hardness sliding against her flesh.  Her body might be out of her control, she thought, but her mind wasn’t.  She renewed her struggles, but in the steely band of his arms, they were futile.  
 In spite of the strength of his hold, he wasn’t hurting her.  Even in her fear, she acknowledged that.  Against her ear, he said, “I will not harm you, Wren Marlow, but you must come with me now.”
Wren didn’t respond.  Her eyes were drawn to the door of the café which had just opened.  Three men walked inside, their hands covered in leather gloves and the dark hoods of their sweatshirts pulled up, casting dark shadows over their faces.  Dread filled her, spreading icy tentacles through her body.  The man in the center reached up, pushing back his hood, and what he revealed elicited a scream of pure terror from her.   She knew those faces.  They had haunted her dreams for her entire life.  
Rather than flesh, he was covered in scales, ranging in shades of gray and black.  The structure of his face was vaguely feline, with a wide forehead, narrow chin, and broad, high cheekbones.  His eyes were red, with elongated black pupils, shielded by nictitating lenses.  Those strange eyes slashed sharply upwards at the end, giving the appearance that his face was twisted in a macabre grin.  He opened his small mouth, emitting a wet hiss and revealing double rows of sharp, jagged teeth.   
“She is ours, Kyr,” he rasped.  
The man holding her didn’t respond.  He simply clasped her tighter against him, and pressed his thumb against an intricate emblem on the leather cuff at his wrist.  Blackness swirled about them, and the world simply fell away.  Wren felt as if she were spiraling into nothingness.  She tried to scream, but no sound emerged from her throat as she was sucked into the void.  
So, I just published a new book on Amazon.  It's a bit of a departure for me.  I've always been a fan of science fiction.  I used to eat my Cocoa Puffs out of Star Wars cereal bowls.  I guess it's part of being the age that I am, which we will just call over 30.  People of a certain age, a certain generation, were informed by Star Wars and Star Trek.  It became part of our language, part of the framework of our society and culture.  So writing a book set almost entirely aboard a small spacecraft was both a challenge and a natural progression.

I really enjoyed writing Hybrid's Love.  I hope you all enjoy reading it just as much.  It's available now on Amazon for purchase ($3.99) but it's free for Amazon Prime members to borrow!  And take a gander at the fabulous cover from Bonnie Lea Elliott!

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Work in Progress... Reed gets his own story...

I loved writing about good ol' Southern boys so much, that I decided I needed to work on another one.  So Reed Harrison, boy scout-esque attorney and best friend to Jackson Cope, our hero from Bad Girl Lessons, is now getting his own story.  I've decided that Reed's life is a little too tame and he needs someone to shake things up a little bit, and no one shakes things up better than Cass Blakely, Evie's best friend, and a true wild child.  With a mane of fiery, red hair and a temper to match, Reed has no idea what's in store for him.

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Interview for Bad GIrl Lessons!

Leigh Savage gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk about writing Bad Girl Lessons and about the writing process on the whole! Please stop by and leave a comment!


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Check out the excerpt from the previous entry and leave a comment for a chance to win a free download of Bad Girl Lessons!

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New Release!

Evangeline Harper has been everyone's good girl. But after being dumped at the altar by her fiancé, Evie decides it's time to stop playing by the rules and have some fun. There's only one problem... she doesn't know how. But one of her oldest friends, Jackson Cope, is just the man to teach her. Hotter than a Georgia tent revival in July, Jackson has had a starring role in every erotic fantasy Evie has ever had. Can she convince the local bad boy to help transform her from a slightly pudgy, former debutante into a wanton, sex kitten?

Jackson's been secretly in love with Evie since they were kids, but she was always off limits to the likes of him. Now she's offering him everything he's ever wanted, but only as friends with benefits. Planning to seduce her into his life on a permanent basis, he starts out with hot, steamy lessons on how to walk on the wild side. When Evie's former fiancé shows up, trying to woo her and her trust fund back to save his sorry hide from the Dixie Mafia, it's up to Jackson to protect her from danger. But who will protect him from a broken heart?


Fifteen minutes later, they were walking into Evie’s apartment. While she went to shower, Jackson stripped down to his jeans and began to explore the small space. The off white walls and beige carpet weren’t exactly a decorator’s dream. Evie’s antique furni- ture and brightly upholstered couch looked out of place in the drab apartment. Heading back into the bedroom, he sat down on the edge of the bed and listened to the sound of the shower running. He wanted to join her, but then she was probably shaving her legs and doing all of those things that women pretended they didn’t have to do. Smiling, at the thought, he allowed his curiosity to get the better of him and opened the drawer to the tiny, painted nightstand. While his own contained a stash of condoms and the latest issue of Playboy, Evie’s was a treasure trove of feminine touches. A pair of earrings that she’d forgotten to remove before bed rested atop an embossed leather journal. A bottle of ex- pensive and sweet smelling lotion was also in there. He sniffed the lotion, recognizing Evie’s favorite scent.

At the back of the drawer was a little wooden box. Unable to resist the mystery, Jackson opened it and a wolfish smile spread across his face. Nestled inside the box was a small, silver vibrator. He heard the shower turn off, and quickly replaced the box, cup- ping the toy in his palm. With his most innocent expression, he waited for Evie to come out of the bathroom. He was not disappointed when he saw her. Her hair had been brushed out into loose waves, and she wore a black silk robe that only reached to her mid thighs, leaving the long expanse of her legs bare. It parted to reveal a tiny swatch of lace and made him wonder what delights were concealed beneath it.

“So where is it?” he asked.

“Where’s what?” she replied, walking around the bed. She made a great produc- tion of fluffing the many pillows there.

“Every single or dissatisfied woman’s best friend... I know you have a vibrator, Evie. I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t.”

She blushed. “You’re being ridiculous.”

Reclining on the bed with his hands folded behind his head, he grinned. “You’ve got some monstrous vibrating cock hidden in your closet, don’t you? One look at it and I will feel like less of a man, right?”

She rolled her eyes heavenward. “Are you twelve? Where do these random ques- tions come from?”

Raising up on his elbows, he looked at her, and at the deep V where her robe parted as she straightened the bed clothes. Her breasts swayed beneath the silk and lace with each movement and his cock pulsed behind his fly in response. “No...that would be entirely too tacky for you. I bet you have something small, quiet, discreet...ladylike but very effective.”

The blush on her cheeks deepened and her lips firmed with disapproval, “Jack- son--”

“Show me,” he said. “Do you honestly think that I would be bothered by that? The truth is, the very idea of it turns me on.... I can just see you laying here in this bed, naked. Your creamy, white thighs spread apart and your beautiful, pink pussy just beg- ging to be touched.”

“Fine. If you want to see it, then just fine,” she said and opened the night stand drawer. When she pulled out the small inlaid wooden box and opened, she stared at it in dismay for a second before, turning back to him. “You sneaky bastard.”

He chuckled, but didn’t allow her to walk away in a huff. Grabbing her hand, he tugged her down onto the bed until she sprawled atop him, widening the gaping split at the front of her robe. In addition to the black lace he’d seen before, he now knew that the rest of the garment was pink satin. “Is this what you were looking for?” he asked, open- ing his hand to reveal the small, egg shaped toy. Flipping her onto her back, he turned it on and rolled it delicately up the inside of her thigh, until she shivered in response.


“Don’t go getting shy on me now,” he said, tugging at the ties of her robe until it parted completely. The pink satin chemise was so thin it was practically transparent. He could easily see the darker shadows of her nipples beneath. They were perfectly framed by the black lace that edged the garment. “Open your legs for me.”

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Hello everyone!  I'm all set to give away a copy of Master of the Circle!  It's a short read, but very, very, very hot!  Perfect for bedtime reading!  To win, just leave a comment below with your email address (if you aren't comfortable with that, like my page on facebook and I'll contact you there)!  The winner will be selected randomly this Saturday, January 14, 2012!


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Dragon's Lair Giveaway!

Leave a comment about the excerpt and a commentor will be randomly selected at midnight on Saturday to receive a free copy!  (Dragon's Lair is adult and explicit in nature, featuring m/m, m/f/m and light BDSM). 

Turning down a side street, she walked for more than a block before realizing that she was on the wrong street. She’d called earlier that day about the waitressing gig at a restaurant on St. Ann Street. Glancing at her watch, she realized she was one minute away from being late for her interview. They would never give her a job. Lilly muttered a curse and turned around, only to find herself face to face with a broad-shouldered bouncer. His face was shielded by an elaborate beard and a pair of mirrored sunglasses. His dark blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and a tattoo peeked from beneath the tight T-shirt he wore. He didn’t smile, but he turned his head toward her.
“Are you lost, darlin’?”
The accent was pure Cajun, and Lilly responded immediately. Her nipples puckered inside the lace of her bra, and the dampness between her thighs intensified. “I seem to have misplaced my job,” she said in a mild attempt at humor.
His lips quirked. “If it’s work you’re lookin’ for, cher, we’ve got plenty inside.”
She was tempted—so tempted. She didn’t even know his name, but she could clearly picture them together. The vision of his strong arms around her, her legs wrapped around his lean hips, and his cock driving into her was powerful. Sanity intruded, along with the idea that she didn’t want this gorgeous man to see her chubby thighs and cellulite.
“I should probably just find the restaurant I was looking for. This place looks a little high-end for me.”
“Never that,” he said, again with a teasing smile. “Go inside. Talk to Remy. We need a waitress.”
Glancing down at her dress, Lilly was painfully aware that her pebbled nipples were plainly visible through the thin cotton. “I’m not really dressed for it,” she protested, but even then she wanted to do as he said. She wanted to follow his suggestions.
“Darlin’, with a body like yours, it’s a damn shame you’re dressed at all. Go in. Have a drink. Talk to Remy. Take a chance,” he said, and opened the door.
She was like Alice, and he was a bottle tagged with “drink me”. Helpless to resist, she moved past him through the open door, feeling the hard ridge of his cock nudge her hip. She wanted to stop there, to press herself against him, but she didn’t. Moving forward, she stepped into the dark interior of the club and immediately felt the pounding beat of the music. It pulsed through her, centering between her thighs, increasing the dull ache of need. A couple stood against the wall, pressed so tightly to one another that not even air could exist between them. The man had his hand buried between the woman’s thighs, which were wrapped around him. They kissed, their tongues sliding sensually from their parted lips, glistening in the dim light.
Breathless, she skirted the couple and entered the main lounge of the club. It was dark, and there were no tables, but around the room were couches and extra wide chaises that would play host to small groups or couples. Blue-tinted lights gave the room an ethereal glow, and shimmering curtains separated the seating areas. They framed each area, but they couldn’t be for privacy as they were entirely sheer. In the far corner, a man sat alone. He was dark and beautiful with coal black hair and pale eyes. Even in the darkness, Lilly felt his gaze. It pulled her like a magnet.
Remy Mercier watched the brunette with a hunger that startled him. He had known the minute Philippe spotted her. The two of them had been together so long their thoughts were linked easily. Communicating was like breathing to them. Excitement burned in him along with a need like nothing else he’d ever felt. He surveyed her, from the top of her dark head to the tips of her delicate toes.
Her lush curves veered more to Rubenesque than simply voluptuous. As she walked, there was a slight bounce to her breasts and a sway to her hips that captivated him. The cotton dress clung to her curves as she moved. He wanted to rip the dress from her, to bare her body and explore every lush curve with his mouth and hands. With little more than a thought, he called her to him. He wanted her. She was the one. He sent a burst of thoughts to Philippe and then focused his attention on her as she moved toward him.
He repositioned himself on the couch, crossing his legs to conceal the raging hard-on that had hit him the minute she walked in. He looked like a normal man, albeit an exceptionally good-looking one, but the size of his cock was usually a dead giveaway he wasn’t entirely normal. It was the same for Philippe. Of course, it wasn’t simply the size of their cocks that set them apart. It was their stamina. As Acadian Dragons, they were among the most highly sexed of their kind. It made taking human lovers a very complicated proposition. Having a human lover was not necessary, as they had one another, but occasionally, Remy thought, a little variety was a very nice touch. The brunette would provide that admirably.
When she was near enough, he spoke. “Hello, cher, Philippe says you are looking for work.” Remy watched her as she looked around at the expensive décor. He could see the fear in her and knew that she thought coming inside had been a mistake.
“I’m Lilly. I was looking for a waitressing job, but this doesn’t look like a restaurant.”
He smiled, showing the faintest hint of even white teeth behind full lips. “No, ma petit belle, it is not a restaurant. Dragon’s Lair is a private club for people with very special interests.”
Looking at the chaises and the shimmering curtains, with a vision of the couple in the hallway clear in her mind, Lilly began to comprehend just what kind of club it was. “I’ve made a terrible mistake. I shouldn’t be here.”

(Copyright 2011--Cobblestone Press)