Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt!

Guess who's first up for the Scavenger Hunt at Close Encounters With the Night Kind?  Moi, of course!  The month long party starts July 1st, so if you haven't picked up a copy of Been Loving You Too Long you might just get lucky and win a copy here!!! Now here is your question for my blog!  Remember to hunt for the answer down below!!

Ophelia Broulliard’s life has always been linked to the wealthy and powerful DuChamps family. The granddaughter of the family’s housekeeper, she’s worshipped Vincent DuChamps from afar--the ever unattainable prince in her fairy tale dreams. Little does she know that Vincent harbors his own secret feelings for her, but other darker secrets that he sees as an insurmountable obstacle to ever being the man she deserves, have prompted him to avoid her altogether. 

When Thomas, the family patriarch dies, his will bears some unpleasant surprises for them both. Thomas wants nothing more than for Vincent and his siblings to be happy, and in his final act as the only father figure they’ve ever had, engineers a series of contingencies in his will that require them each to face their demons. Only too aware of what Vincent really feels for Ophelia, Thomas creates a situation that will force Vincent to confront his feelings. Unless, Vincent and Ophelia marry, Vincent and his siblings will lose everything, including the family business. 

Forced into such close proximity, denying their attraction for one another becomes impossible. But even as they grow closer, other threats to the future of DuChamps Hotels and all that Vincent holds dear threaten to destroy their burgeoning relationship. Ophelia has played it safe her whole life. Taking a risk on Vincent is a frightening prospect. Will it be worth it, or will his secrets break both their hearts?


Unlocking the door, she eased inside, thankful that the lights were off.  Explaining her red, puffy eyes and the beard burn that she could feel on her skin would not go over well.  
Brenna tended to be overprotective at best and a real mama grizzly at worst.  “I know you don’t think you’re sneaking in at almost four in the morning without telling me who kept you out all night.”
“I’m really tired, Bren.  I’ll tell you everything in the morning—well, later today.”
The lights came on and Ophelia winced.  
“I knew it!” Brenna snapped.  “You’ve been crying!”
“It’s been a difficult day.”
“Yes.  I know.  Thomas’ funeral.  But that doesn’t explain why you’ve got bed head and a bite mark on your neck.”
Ophelia blushed, recalling the moment that Vincent had bitten her.  His teeth had scraped sharply over her skin and he’d then soothed that small bruise with his tongue, and all the while he’d been inside her, driving her closer and closer to heaven.  “I slept with Vincent,” she blurted out.  “And then in the middle of the night, he told me it was getting late and offered to drive me home.”
“Exactly.  Good enough for a quick roll in the hay, but spending the night—well, apparently not.”
Brenna sighed heavily as she trudged to the kitchen.  Her fiery red hair was still piled high in an elaborate bouffant, but her stage makeup had been washed away.  She pulled a tub of ice cream from the freezer and then returned to the living room with two spoons.  “He’s an asshole. He’s running scared like most men do.  It’s complicated to have a one night stand with someone who’s involved in your day to day life.”
“It doesn’t matter.  How can something go from being that perfect to falling apart?  It was incredible, Bren, and then he just went cold...distant.  When he basically showed me to the door, he called it ‘mitigating the fallout of a bad decision’!”
Brenna patted the couch beside her.  “He can just go to hell.  Tonight, we’re going to eat this entire tub of salted caramel fudge ice cream and we’re going to watch Molly Ringwald kick some preppy ass, and we’re going to lament the fact that we don’t have a Ducky of our very own.”
Ophelia’s laugh turned into a sob as she laid her head on Brenna’s shoulder.  “I could use a Ducky right now.  My ego needs a boost.”
“I’ll put on a hideous hat and sing you Otis Redding songs if it’ll help,” Brenna offered with a cheeky grin.  
“Just start the damned movie, already.” Ophelia settled onto the couch.  “Right now, Andy’s happy ending will have to do.”

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Caught With Casanova

Here is the blurb for my newest release, Caught with Casanova!  

Gavin McBray, billionaire and tech genius, has finally found the mystery woman who ran out on him. In spite of exploding elevators and paparazzi, he's determined to keep her safe and keep her with him. 
Liberty Jones is a fiery redhead with curves that would make any man sweat. Independent, smart and determined to make it on her own, Libby is uncomfortable with Gavin's wealth and the luxurious world that he moves in. Still, passion flares between them, too strong for either of them to deny.
From posh mansions in the Hampton's to glittering and glamourous hotels in Monaco, Libby and Gavin try to outrun the danger and cope with the intensity of their desire for one another in Caught with Casanova.

And as a little extra treat, here's shot little excerpt....

 Hanging from a rack behind the screen was a selection of dresses, skirts and blouses, along with pants and layering pieces. There was also underwear; thong panties that bore no similarity to the granny panties she’d had on the day before. The matching bras, which were mysteriously her size, were works of art. 
She didn’t want to know how they knew her sizes. It was more than a little disconcerting. Selecting a set of the lingerie, she noted that the tags had all been removed. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the undies she’d just put on were probably equivalent to a month’s rent on her crappy apartment. Just thinking about it made her uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable as the idea of continuing to go without underwear altogether though.  
Each outfit that she tried on left her feeling more and more out of her depth. After accumulating a week’s worth of clothes and underwear which would have probably equaled or even outpaced her yearly salary, she called a halt. “This is more than enough. I can’t take any more of these clothes,” she said, facing off against the Dragon Lady.  
“Mr. McBray has insisted that you be properly outfitted, Ms. Jones.”
“I am. I promise. This is more than enough.”
The Dragon Lady appeared to blush. “You have no nightclothes, Ms. Jones. Mr. McBray was quite insistent that you select what he termed ‘appropriate’ nightwear.”
“Well, I doubt these shops carry anything that’s crotchless, so he’ll just have to live with the disappointment!” Liberty retorted. 
“I have your sizes,” Dragon Lady stated primly. “I’ll just order a selection.”
“You do that. Maybe some handcuffs and a flogger. Someone needs to learn a lesson.”
“Those items most assuredly are not carried by these merchants, Ms. Jones. But I can make inquiries.”
Libby drew a steadying breath. “It was a joke. I don’t want handcuffs and a flogger.”
“Why ever not?”
Libby looked up to see Gavin leaning nonchalantly in the doorway, looking sinfully handsome and far too full of himself. “Because you’re obviously a total pervert and would get off on it."