Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sexiest Videos/Songs of All Time.... in my opinion, anyway.

Okay, I always hate those shows on Vh1 and the other music channels, because they always get it WRONG.  So in my humble opinion, here are the top 10 songs or videos (cause I am old enough to remember when MTV played them) that always make me think of sex, sex, sex!

1.  D'Angelo--How does it feel
         No woman with a pulse could watch this video and not think of sex.
         If you don't have a pulse, it could possibly revive you.
2.  Chris Isaak--Wicked Game
      A.  It's Chris Isaak.  B.  It's Chris Isaak making out, half naked, on a beach with
       Helena Christenson who is possibly the hottest woman alive.          
3.  Gary Allan--Smoke Rings in the Dark
       I know it's a country song.  Doesn't make it any less hot.  It's the resonance of
       his voice.  I mean, wow!
4.  Marvin Gaye--Sexual Healing
     Do I even need a reason?
5.  Bessie Smith--Empty Bed Blues
       Bessie knew what it was all about. 
6.  Bonnie Raitt-- Love Me like a Man.
      Bonnie knows what it is all about, too. 
7.  Susan Tedeschi--Can't Sleep at Night
      What goes for Bessie and Bonnie, goes for Susan too. 
8.  Nine Inch Nails--Closer
      It makes me think of sex... yes, it's angry sex, but that's not always a bad thing. 
9.  Fiona Apple--Criminal
      Any song that starts out with "I've been a bad, bad girl"... yeah. 
10.  Nina Simone--Put a Little Sugar in My Bowl
      Okay, its a metaphor.  Sugar=kiss, and bowl= ???.  You're smart enough to figure
       that out.

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