Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Excerpt from WIP----ADULT CONTENT!

Okay this is a scene from my upcoming release, as yet untitled.  This scene is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY....  Very Mature!

Cass arranged herself on the bed, lying on her side with her head propped on her elbow.  The pose accentuated the deep curve at her waist and the flare of her hips.  She didn’t pull the covers up in spite of the chill of the air conditioned room.  He had wanted her naked and she intended to give him precisely what he asked for.  It was only a few minutes after that she heard the door open downstairs.  Her breath hitched in her lungs.  The sound of his footfalls on the stairs echoed the pounding of her heart.  When he stopped in the open doorway, his suit jacket had been discarded and his shirt sleeves rolled back, exposing tanned forearms lightly dusted with crisp, dark hair.  The tie he’d worn earlier, the one that he had used to bind her wrists and to torment her most sensitive flesh, was dangling from his fingertips in blatant challenge.  
He raised an eyebrow at her.  “I didn’t expect you to be obedient.”
“I can be with the right incentive,” she replied cheekily.  
“So if I want you to do what I say, I only need to promise to fuck you senseless?”  The question was posed as he strolled to the bed with a seemingly casual grace.  But Cass knew the power in his body, the strength that he held.  There was nothing casual about him.  The affable boy scout persona that he had adopted for the rest of the world had been peeled away just for her.  Reed was secretly dark and dangerous.  
Cass shivered with anticipation.  “Yes.”
“Get on your knees and face the headboard,” he said, his voice roughened with desire.  
Cass did as he said, tilting her hips back so that her bottom was high in the air.  The soft hum of approval from him was all the reward she needed in that moment.  She didn’t protest when he once again slid the silk tie around her wrist and fed the other end of the fabric through a discreet slot in the headboard.  When her hands were securely bound, he grasped her hips and dragged her down the bed, until her face and breasts were pressed to the mattress and her arms were outstretched in front of her.  
“You have no idea how beautiful you look,” he said.  “I’ve dreamed of having you here in this bed, bound exactly this way... your body offered up to me to take any way I see fit.”
The words were little more than a whisper but they lit a fire in her.  Her clit pulsed as if he’d touched her.  Her nipples hardened where they pressed into the bed.  “Please, Reed!  I need to feel you inside me!”
The hard swat on her ass prompted a startled cry.  Another stinging blow was landed to the other cheek.  “Spread your legs for me,” he demanded.  
Cass shifted her knees further apart on the bed.  But Reed still didn’t bury his cock inside her.  Instead, his hand drifted over her dew slicked mound, touching the plump, pink folds reverently until he encountered the hardened bud of her clit.  A few gentle strokes of his fingers and the little nub was even more swollen.  Cass gasped when he closed his finger and thumb tightly over her clit.  It wasn’t painful, but the sensation was so intense, so unlike anything she’d ever experienced before she began to shudder in response instantly.  Immediately her sheath began to contract, rhythmic spasms as her clit fluttered and pulsed helplessly, trapped in his unrelenting grip.  He didn’t let go for the longest time, not until he’d rung every drop of pleasure from her.  Her body ached in the aftermath.  Her clit throbbed mercilessly and the walls of her pussy felt swollen and sensitive.  
The bed dipped behind her and she felt Reed’s thighs against her own.  He gripped her hips and pulled her back so that she straddled his thighs, his erection pressing against her hot core.  She ached to have him inside her.  “Please, I need you.”
Reed smiled as he heard the desperate edge to her voice.  “I’ve given you orgasms... over and over today.  Isn’t that enough?”
“No,” she said.  “I want to feel you inside me.”
Grasping his cock, Reed guided it to her entrance.  With a small nudge, he slid the head of his cock into her tight sheath.  The heat of her body was scalding, the tight clench of her flesh on his was bliss.  She moaned in response as he pushed forward, sinking deeply into her welcoming heat.  Her cunt gripped him like a fist, the muscles clenching rhythmically around him.  He had to grit his teeth to keep from coming right there.  
“You’re so fucking tight,” he said, withdrawing slightly only to sink in again, slow and deep.  He pressed his hips forward, rocking into her, until she couldn’t take anymore.  His balls were pressed against her slit, rubbing against her clit with each thrust.  
“Fuck me harder,” she said.  
Reed gripped her hips, his fingers digging into the flesh.  There would be marks later.  He relished the thought of it, of looking at her body and seeing the evidence of his claim.  Rising up over her, he pressed her arms deeper into the mattress, angling her bottom up toward him.  He moved again, withdrawing from her, and then slammed his cock into her.  Over and over again, he withdrew only to pound his hard flesh into her yielding channel.  Her body gripped him, clutching at his shaft, caressing him with each stroke of his cock into her.  His balls slapped against the swollen lips of her cunt as he pounded into her.  He listened to her soft cries as they grew louder and more insistent.  Cass trembled against him, her thighs shaking as she accepted each brutal thrust.  He was so close.  His balls drew tight and he could feel the familiar tension building at the base of his spine.  
“Come for me, Cass,” he demanded, driving so deeply inside her that he literally saw stars.  
Cass screamed his name as the sweet tension broke through her.  Her pussy fluttered, quivering around his hard cock as wave after wave of pleasure crashed inside her.  The release was so intense she sobbed, tears blurring her vision.  Still pinned beneath him, his weight pressing her arms into the mattress, impaled on his cock, she was helpless to do anything but ride that wave of pleasure to its end.  She felt his hips jerk against her, once twice, and then the heat of his cum scorched her as spurt after spurt jetted deep inside her.  Every twitch, every hot spurt inside her triggered an answering pulse in her sensitive flesh.  
Cass felt him sag against her, his breath coming raggedly and his heart pounding at her back  Their bodies were both slick with sweat.  She felt him withdraw from her and roll to his side.  She was so tender, so sensitive after all that they had done that she was both relieved and bereft at the same time.  A sigh of relief escaped her as he reached over and began to untie the loops at her wrist.  When she was free, she rolled onto her back.  Her body felt achy and used, but she’d never been so sated in her life.  It had been amazing before, but now that she knew what Reed had been holding back, she understood exactly how much restraint he had shown the first few times they had been together.  A shiver washed over her as she thought about what other things she had yet to discover about him.