Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Character Profile: Rosalee Davenport

Since I did a character profile of Justin, I thought I'd do one of Rosalee. If ever there was a steel magnolia, it is Rosalee Davenport. She dropped out of the Savannah College of Art and Design at the age of 19, when she discovered she was pregnant. Abandoned by her ex, she's raised their daughter, Addie, on her own, with only the help of her grandmother, Maeve.

Addie is the light and joy of her life, but even the joy her daughter brings to her can't ease her mind of the financial burden their small family is facing.  Their ancestral home is a mess, falling into ruin before their eyes while they live in a smaller house on the property.

It was desperation and an iron will to hold onto what was hers that prompted Rosalee to go to Thomas DuChamps for help.  Thomas agreed to finance the renovations of the house and assist her in turning it into an inn, and he would hold a 50% share of the business, until she could afford to buy him out for his investment. But then Thomas became ill, and eventually succumbed.

Unsure of what to expect of Justin, the younger DuChamps, Rosalee deals with the uncertainty the only way she knows how. She just puts her head down and plows through.

 The only things she's had in abundance in her life are problems and pride.  It's hard for her to admit that she needs help and it's even harder to take it when it's offered. She's so used to not counting on anyone but herself that she doesn't quite know what to do with a man who wants to take care of things for her.

It doesn't help that Justin is the best looking man she's laid eyes on in a long time, or that her eccentric grandmother is using every matchmaking scheme on the planet to throw them together. Rosalee has one philosophy when it comes to men, if she wants them, they must be bad for her. The history of the Davenport women is proof that not a one of them can choose a decent man.  

Taking a chance on a man who may or may not stick just isn't in the cards for her.  There's too much at stake and too many people counting on her to hold it together for her to make such a risky bet.

And even though she keeps telling herself that, time and time again, he's there. Helping her whether she asks for it or not, and tempting her more than anyone has a right to. Afraid to trust, afraid to give an inch, terrified to need anyone, that doesn't stop her from wanting him.  When she looks at Justin, she sees the same desire and fear mirrored back at her in his eyes. She's never been a coward, but there's never been so much at stake.

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  1. You found Justin someone who is as messed up as he is when it comes to love and trust. This should be interesting. Really looking forward to reading this!