Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anthology: Stranded With A Billionaire

Hot Tales By 6 Best-Selling Erotic Romance Authors! 

What happens when a billionaire is stuck in a situation money won't fix? Six authors offer extraordinary tales of love, lust and desperation in Stranded With a Billionaire.

First of all, let me see how fantastic it was to work with Nikki Prince, Brandi Gillian, Siobhan MacKenzie, Kate Baum and of course, I've been working with Wicked Leanore Elliott forever! Okay, not forever, but for a long a$$ time!  

This is the little book that could, let me tell you. Between line up changes, contract issues, and all the backend stuff that no one sees when putting a book together, especially one that involves a group of people with divergent schedules, a little part of me believed we'd never get this thing off the ground. My organizational skills are somewhat lacking. Just ask anyone who has ever seen my bedroom!  But in the end, with the hard work, dedication and some pinch hitting by a few amazing friends, we managed to put it all together.  

I hope you enjoy this book, and I hope it introduces each of you to some new and fantastic authors.  

We're also having a wonderful post launch party on Facebook on February 17th.  Come check it out! http://on.fb.me/1jdK6gU

Right now, Stranded With a Billionaire is only $0.99 at Amazon. Get your copy today! Happy Reading.  

Here's a little sneak peek from my contribution, Wrong For Ms. Wright. 


Sam watched her for a moment, noting how nervously she tugged at the sheet she wore. Her dark hair was down, hanging over her shoulders in damp waves. It dawned on him that she never wore her hair down to work. It was probably a good thing for him. He wanted nothing more at that moment than to sink his fingers into those dark strands. 

Stoking the fire, he tried to put those thoughts from his mind.  They were stuck for the night. They would make the best of it and absolutely nothing would happen that would alter their professional relationship. 

Rising from his crouched position, with his libido in check for the moment, at least, he noted that she’d created a small spread for them from the gift basket. It wasn’t the steak he would have preferred, but it still looked inviting. 

“There isn’t a corkscrew for the wine,” she said, a slight pout making her lips look even more inviting. 

It was the bed, he decided. It was impossible to be in a room with a woman and a bed and not have it spark fantasies. That the woman in question was one he’d been fighting an attraction to for months only made it worse. Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved the small knife he always carried. One of its many attachments was a makeshift corkscrew.

 Holding his other hand out, he accepted the bottle of wine and went to work on getting it opened. At the very least, the task gave him something to focus on besides the woman in front of him. It wasn’t working. He could smell her, the faint scent of her perfume, or maybe her shampoo, and something else that was just her. 

With the bottle open, he placed it on the table. “No glasses.”

“I guess we’ll have to share,”she said, and took a healthy swig from the bottle.

As if having to stand there and look at her in nothing but a sheet wasn’t enough torment for his senses, he’d be touching his lips to the same bottle that graced hers. He could feel the blood rushing in his veins, pooling heavily, anticipating an event that simply could not happen. Was he being punished? 

To add insult to injury, she picked up one of the chocolate dipped strawberries the basket had yielded, biting into the succulent treat. Watching her lips close over the sweet, her eyes closing with sheer delight at the burst of flavor, he clenched his fists at his side. Every muscle tensed, every instinct he possessed urged him to pounce, to take what she obliviously offered.  

“Oh, that is so good,” she said. Her voice sounded breathless, husky. She sounded like sex. Hot, sweaty, rough, mind blowing sex. 

“Stop.” The word escaped him, his own voice sounding barely recognizable to him. She was driving him mad, or maybe he was driving himself mad. Had he really thought he could hire a woman he was attracted to, spend hours with her day in and day out, and never give in to that attraction?

Her eyes widened and she looked at him, puzzled. “What?”

For a long moment Sam was silent, watching the expressions play across her face in rapid fire succession. Her confusion was genuine. She truly had no idea that he wanted her. He should leave it alone, and her, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. Whether it was the isolation, the unforgettable vision of her in that wet shirt with her pebbled nipples beckoning to him, or now, the soft, sensual sounds she made as she enjoyed a decadent strawberry, he’d been pushed beyond the limits of what he could endure. Stepping closer, he grabbed her upper arms, hauling her against him until the softness of her breasts pressed against his chest, until she could feel the unmistakable proof of what she was doing to him. 

“Mr. Kirkland?”

“My name is Sam.” With the tips of his fingers he touched her face, turning it up to his so that their lips were only inches apart. Tracing the lush curve of her lower lip with his thumb, he needed it to be clear before things went any further. “Say it.”“Sam?”

Her confused and questioning tone made him smile. “Say it’s alright... that you want this too. Tell me, Georgie.”

“I’m not exactly sure what ‘this’ is.”

“I want you, Georgie. I’ve wanted you for months. Ignoring it hasn’t made it go away, and being in such close quarters with you has only made it more intense...but if you don’t want me, it stops right here.”

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  1. I really am enjoying this anthology. All you ladies are new authors for me and I've never took this long to finish a book just so I can prolong the stories. Best of luck!!!!

  2. Oh my! *fanning self* I need to get to reading this! Sounds amazing.